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Timeless Architectural Design


Residential Custom Home Design

We design sophisticated custom homes and estates inspired by our client’s lifestyles. We consider aesthetic qualities, cost-saving features, environmentally friendly building techniques, and the client’s wish list to create bespoke spaces that stand the test of time.
  • Custom homes design
  • Home remodel
  • Kitchen and bathrooms renovations
  • Garage additions
  • Entertainment areas

Historic Restoration & Additions

We analyze the project’s unique conditions and determine the best avenues for preservation, sustainability, functionality. We have extensive experience with the standards, permits, and processes required for the restoration and renovation of historical homes and commercial buildings.

  • Additions to historic buildings and homes
  • New construction in historic districts
  • Historical architecture survey and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies for historic buildings
  • Historic preservation and restoration

Commercial New Construction

We design commercial projects with the finest architectural details. Our projects are functional and sustainable environments that connect people and community, foster culture and protect the well-being of its residents and surrounding community.

  • Hotels and event venues
  • Commercial projects
  • Civic and cultural buildings
  • Government projects
  • Multi-family projects
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