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Timeless Architectural Design 

Exceptional Project Communication 

Professional Guidance & Advice

We combine the charms of yesterday with functionality to design bespoke spaces that stand the test of time

Whether focusing on new construction or historic renovations and restorations, Charles William Day takes the best of classic architecture and translates it for the kind of connected, welcoming spaces that suit contemporary living.
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Building your legacy is a journey...

We go above and beyond to guarantee a personalized, transparent, collaborative, and stress-free design experience for our clients and partners. 

Timeless Architectural Design

We interpret, and transform your ideas into timeless architectural designs that will be cherish for generations.

Exceptional Communication

We keep our clients involved and informed with straightforward, honest communication throughout the project.

Professional Guidance

We guide you through the design decisions, help you understand your options and how they affect the project.

"I have had a great working relationship with Charles. His attention to detail and ability to put our vision on paper is outstanding. I have great trust in him that the work will be done right and be on time"

– Steve Schoettle – Sea Island Forge


Ready to begin your design experience?

Step 1. Schedule a Consultation

We are ready to answer all your questions and guide you.

Step 2. Tell us about your project

During our meeting, we take our time to ask questions and learn about you and your upcoming project’s scope of work.

Step 3. Get a strategic plan

Get a proposal with an estimate and detailed scope of work.

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